Welcome to Brooklyn Generation School
Brooklyn Generation celebrates its graduates!  We have worked to prepare them fully for life's responsibilities, challenges and opportunities and look forward to seeing their continued success. In June, we celebrated commencement and the students who completed high school, most of whom have plans to attend college this coming year. In partnership with College Now, many of our students were able to graduate high school already having earned college credits that they can apply to an associate or bachelor's degree!

In the fall of 2015, we are welcoming students entering the class of 2019! 

Brooklyn Generation School is a community school.  As a community school, BGS develops supportive relationships with and builds on the strengths of the community.  We work to eliminate barriers and to build bridges between the school and the broader community to address the needs of the students and families.  We provide our students and their families with access to resources and create opportunities for students' growth and development, through sustainable and scalable strategies.    

Recruitment and Enrollment   Brooklyn Generation School is looking for students who want to take advantage of opportunities - in school, through the college and career program, and through out partnerships with organizations like Brooklyn College, Monroe College, the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health, etc.  For more information, flow the link for "Enrollment, New Students" on the right, and contact Robin Simmons, Parent Coordinator, at 718 968 4200 x 4673.
Brooklyn Generation is gratified to have received a "B" on the latest Progress Report.  It reflects consistent improvement at the school on all five of the DOE's indicators of success.  We are committed to continued improvement as we work towards being an "A" school that's "Well Developed" on the Quality Review.

Our work is to be an exceptional urban public school where 
generations of learners successfully prepare for 
life's responsibilities, challenges and opportunities. 
Our goal is to inspire and support all types of learners to
Dream bigger. Work harder. Care more.

To learn more, please follow this link to watch a video describing our school.