About us

Brooklyn Generation is a Community School!  Brooklyn Generation won a competitive grant to secure resources as a community school.  As a community school, we are able to provide more programs, services and opportunities to our students, and their families. For more about our community schools programming, contact Kelly Dunham, Resource Coordinator, at 718 968 4200.   

Brooklyn Generation is a School of Opportunity!  Brooklyn Generation was recognized by the national organization as a school creating opportunities for teachers, students and families.  We work with students will take advantage of the opportunities we offer, and will learn to advocate for themselves, to create opportunities throughout their lives.    

History  Located in the former South Shore High School campus, Brooklyn Generation School opened in September 2007 with its first 9th grade class.  We
graduated our first 12th grade class in June 2011 and have maintained a strong graduation rate.  The school serves Canarsie, East Flatbush and the remaining neighborhoods. 

Mission and Vision Brooklyn Generation School is dedicated to having our students graduate with the skills, knowledge and experience required to be successful in college and beyond.  We are proud of the many students who graduated on time and are now in college.  We know they serve as role models for the students currently at Brooklyn Generation. 

The Model  Brooklyn Generation School offers an award winning model that uses resources including time and talent to create opportunities for teachers and students.  The school expands time for students without increasing the work year for teachers.  The school provides a wide range of opportunities for students.  Students have Foundation Courses with fewer students per class, Studio Courses that provide a range of electives, supports and enrichments, and month long College and Career Intensive Courses that allow students to explore college and career pathways, meet professionals, job shadow, etc.  These Intensives close the opportunity gap and engage students.  The model:
  • Fundamentally transforming college and career guidance  
  • Increases student exposure to a variety of career choices
  • Helps students develop and execute on post-secondary plans
  • Increases community engagement with schools
  • Dramatically improves educational results at our schools

The school also provides more collaborative time for teachers to prepare for students’ success.

Brooklyn Generation School opened in 2007, as part of the turn-around of the South Shore Campus, replacing a high school the Chancellor said was “unsalvageable”.  Historically, one only one-third of students who enrolled at the campus in ninth grade graduated on time. By 2011, we more than doubled the graduation rate.

Brooklyn Generation School maintains a strong partnership with Generation Schools Network™, a nationally recognized and award-winning organization whose innovative education model offers students and teachers up to 30% more and better learning time. GSN is dedicated to re-thinking the basic structures of a public school to ensure that all students – regardless of life circumstances – have access to a great education. Ultimately, GSN’s mission is to fundamentally transform schools, to better prepare students for life’s responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities.


To learn more about our unique model, visit the site of our lead partner, Generation Schools, at  www.generationschools.org