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Twice a year for a month at a time, all students participate in rigorous, credit-bearing courses modeled after intersession programs at universities. Built into our expanded 200-day school year, the courses expand essential English and math instruction. They are taught by a team of certified teachers and a guidance counselor who rotate to each grade level throughout the year. The city becomes the classroom: students explore a wide variety of college campuses, corporate boardrooms, community organizations and public services. The Intensive Courses fundamentally transform the concept of college guidance, preparing students with the academic skills and knowledge they need to be accepted into post-secondary education, and the life skills and experiences to succeed once there. This program benefits every student. Ultimately the program is designed to help all students fully understand their options and to be pushed to achieve at their highest capacity.

Intensives during the 2013-14 school year will include:

• Building Champions – Sports Management, Health, Wellness & Nutrition

• From Wall Street to Main Street –Economic & Financial Literacy

• Doing Good – Public Sector, Education & Human Services Careers