Parent Resources

Meet Ms. Robin Simmons  All parents should have been in touch with Ms. Robin Simmons, the school's Parent Coordinator.  Ms. Simmons is always happy to introduce parents to the school and what makes it unique, support parents' efforts to help their students and engage at the school, and to answer any questions.  Please be in touch with her at or 718 968 4200. 

Access Pupil Path  All parents should have access to Pupil Path, a web based program that teachers maintain that allows parents to see how their child is doing in each class.  We strongly encourage parents to log in at least once a week and to communicate with teachers so we can work together to ensure students' success.   

If you do not have your log in information or have questions, contact Ms. Simmons.   

Tanya Odums,
Aug 22, 2013, 11:07 AM